Taber Maier
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    Taber has been in the advertising industry for the past seven years working primarily in the USA and ASIA. In the past three years, Taber has taken things to another level after finishing his career as a Professional Baseball Player. Taber has spent more time overseas as an International Talent. His ethnic background is half Thai, half American (German mix). He has worked in several media aspects including television commercials, print, and fashion shows. In his spare time, Taber works as a Certified Personal Trainer in Southern California. He's enjoyed being able to travel and experience life in other places around the world.
    Big things are planned in the next year so keep an eye out for his future accomplishments!

  • Video of TVC In Asia.

  • Headshots #1

  • Headshots #2

  • Headshots from Asia & Portfolio.

  • Headshots from Asia & Portfolio.

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